US and European Buyer(s) Spend $500,000 on 90,000 MMX New gTLD Domains

Minds + Machines Group (MMX) has announced another big spend on domain names among its new gTLD portfolio. This week the company announced there have been orders for approximately 90,000 standard registrations across a number of its US and European facing top level domains valued at approximately $500,000. Whether it was one or several buyers wasn’t disclosed.

This follows its announcement earlier this month of 200,000 registrations in Asia for what it describes as its “Asia facing TLD, .vip.”

MMX is the seventh largest new gTLD registry by domains under management with 1.079 million registrations across its 26 gTLDs, according to It’s the third largest registry by new gTLDs. It’s largest new gTLD is .vip with 809,000 registrations followed by .work (74,000) and .london (59,000).

These US and European registrations represent a 37% increase to current registration levels in MMX's US and European facing top level domains and will show up in industry statistics over the course of the next 12 months.

MMX expects the registrations will be used to support usage based initiatives in both regions rather than held for investment related purposes by the underlying purchasers.

“We have a significant portfolio of US and European facing TLDs,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX. “The orders reported today demonstrate the organic traction we have seen building in certain of our TLDs in these regions where registrations to date have been primarily driven by businesses wishing to use or own their names rather than domain name investors. They also reflect the investment we have made over the past quarter into developing our sales teams in these regions. We are optimistic that the interest we are now seeing in standard name registrations will in turn benefit premium name registrations over the coming months.”


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