Uprooting of the DNS Root

CircleID logoDanny McPherson writes in CircleID:

The folks at Renesys pointed out earlier this week some interesting activity surrounding the L-root name server, highlighting some activity that should give us all yet another reason to be concerned about the security and integrity of the Internet DNS.

In short, L-root, operated by ICANN, was renumbered from to ICANN renumbered L-root into this space after being allocated a “critical infrastructure” address block from ARIN, the old block belongs to Bill Manning and ep.net. ICANN announced their intentions to renumber over six months ago, and stopped using the old address space for the authentic L-root on May 2.

To read the rest of Danny’s article in CircleID see www.circleid.com/posts/852211_uprooting_the_dns_root.