Updated Web Browsers: Which One Works Best?

Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox 3, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 duke it out to be the program you use most on your PC.Which One Is Best?
I’m sticking with Firefox. I use my browser for everything from word processing to story research to invoice filing, and I love being able to customize the program I use most often.If you like to tinker, you’ll probably want Firefox 3. But if you are’nt, and if you don’t mind trading away the ability to customize in return for a nicely polished package, you might like Safari. Just be extra cautious at potential phishing sites.Meanwhile, Microsoft needs to move quickly if it wants to reverse the trend–steadily increasing since mid-2006, according to TheCounter.com–of users’ switching to alternative browsers. Redmond must add more than Activities and WebSlices to the final version of IE 8 if it wants the updated browser to be a serious contender.

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