Update on Nominet’s .UK short domains process

Nominet logo[news release] Following the closure of the Landrush application phase for the 2,640 remaining .uk short domains on 15 June, Nominet received payment for a total of 10,663 applications. This follows the allocation of 178 domain names in the registered and unregistered rights “sunrise” phases which enabled rights holders to register domain names prior to general availability.
599 domain names have a sole applicant and will be registered in the name of the applicants on 23 June. If you have registered one of these domains you will be contacted by your registrar.

1,327 domain names have more than one applicant and will therefore go through to the auction phase of the process. The domain name will be awarded to the applicant which places the highest bid. The net profits from the short domains release process will go to the Nominet Trust.

All domain names for which there were no applicants (713 .net and 1 .me) will be made available on a first come first served basis from 27 June 2011, subject to the rules of registration.

Nominet is currently reviewing the auction schedule with its auction partner, NFPA . Parties involved will be notified of the schedule, together with instructions for participation, directly by NFPA in the week commencing 27 June. Auctions are scheduled to start on 20 July. Due to the volume of auctions being held, it is anticipated that they will be held over several weeks during July, August and September.

The five most heavily applied for domain names are: bb.co.uk (43 applicants), ip.co.uk (40 applicants), dj.co.uk (37 applicants), dr.co.uk (35 applicants) and cv.co.uk (33 applicants). The most heavily applied for single character domain is 1.co.uk (32 applicants).

You can see the status of the domain name using Nominet’s Sunrise WHOIS tool.

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Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.