Upcoming Webinar: DomainTools Iris: Guided Tour of New Features

Adversary infrastructure intelligence is key for incident responders, threat hunters, and other SOC professionals. For years, DomainTools Iris has been a crucial tool for organizations worldwide. For Spring 2019, DomainTools introduces several enhancements to give analysts more context, more efficiency, and more power.

In this webinar, participants will gain information on how to:

  • Quickly gain context on infrastructure through the tagging of domains
  • Identify related malicious infrastructure through subdomain information in SSL certificates
  • View multiple key data points on a domain in a single window through Domain Inspection
  • See the average risk and domain age for any given set of results through the Summary Metrics
  • Easily export pDNS for use in other tools or documents

Join Director of Product Management, Tim Helming, to learn how these features can help you level-up your adversary infrastructure intelligence capabilities.

This DomainTools webinar will be held on 25 June at 09:00 US Pacific Time, 12:00 US Eastern Time. To register, go to: https://www.domaintools.com/resources/webinars/domaintools-iris-guided-tour-of-new-features