united-domains Signs Up For nic.at’s Anycast Technology

united-domains AG, a subsidiary of United Internet, has signed up to ipcom GmbH’s Anycast service RcodeZero DNS, joining a list of registrars and registries administering over 23 million domain names around the world.

After extensive testing, Tobias Sattler, united-domains AG board member for product and technology, and his team at the Starnberg-(Germany) based registrar were convinced RcodeZero DNS is the right product to secure the more than 1.6 million domains in over 400 top-level domains the registrar has under management.

“Stable and secure DNS infrastructure is particularly important for us and our customers. Crucial to our decision were the more than 40 locations, the DNSSEC signing service and the German-speaking support. The worldwide Anycast DNS network of RcodeZero and its features are very convincing”, said Sattler.

By using ipcom GmbH’s RcodeZero DNS, a subsidiary of Austria’s ccTLD registry nic.at, united-domains benefits from optimal availability, maximum protection against DDoS attacks and shorter response times. Advantages that can be achieved by using Anycast technology.

“Anycast is now standard in the domain industry. Both registrars and TLD registries use at least two or more secondary DNS providers to secure their zones,” confirms Richard Wein, CEO of nic.at GmbH and ipcom GmbH.

RcodeZero DNS was developed by the nic.at Research and Development Department and is used by numerous top-level domains (such as .nl, .pt, .eu), and international registrars administering more than 23 million domains.

“I am proud that we could convince such a well-respected customer of the benefits of RcodeZero DNS,” said Wein. “Our robust services, flexibility towards customer needs, and our personal customer support were decisive in establishing cooperation with united-domains. We have been in the domain industry for over 30 years, so we know our clients’ requirements very well and are able to offer customised services.”

External name service monitoring shows that the RcodeZero DNS network, with more than 40 locations (for Enterprise and PRO customers) split into two clouds, has been one of the most reliable Anycast services, and a trusted global provider over the years – the perfect partner for anyone looking for maximum optimisation of their DNS infrastructure to guarantee the highest security standards.

For more information on the nic.at subsidiary’s ipcom GmbH RcodeZero DNS Anycast service, see https://www.rcodezero.at/

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