Uniregistry Boasts of 3,617 Domain Sales at $8,000 Each, But Staff Turnover Concerns

uniregistry_logoUniregistry’s aftermarket platform has seen 3,617 domain names change hands in the first 8 months of 2017 at an average of $8,017 each, for total sales of $29 million.

The number of transactions increased by more than 24% over the same 8 months in 2016, while total sales increased 13.85% from $25 million. Uniregistry hasn’t published any examples of its biggest sales.

Uniregistry say technological innovation and sales team improvements in prior periods have shown the path to increased unit volumes with little overall consequence to net sale prices. Average sale prices since 2011 have seen steady gains year over year, with 2017 showing some signs of moderation as the average price dropped marginally for the first time ever to $8,017, down from $9,110 in 2016. The blame for the decline in average sale prices has been sheeted to the continued expansion into exploratory, non-traditional markets such as generic top level domains (gTLDs) and country code top level domains (ccTLDs).

“Sales in 2017 have been phenomenal, they have surpassed all of our projections. We are growing and excited as we enter what is traditionally our strongest quarter of the year. Our customer feedback has been very encouraging and they really love our new checkout system, S.S.E. (Secure Simultaneous Exchange), as well as our new Uniregistry App. As we refine our products and release a large segment of new technology in 2018, I’m excited to see the continued gains our sales team can achieve,” said Jeffrey Gabriel, Uniregistry’s Vice President of Sales. Uniregistry co-ordinates more than 40 full time brokerage staff on 4 continents.

Looking forward to the rest of 2017 and beyond, Uniregistry note consumer and investor interest in domains names remains strong. There has been strong growth in markets such as Asia (up 23.25%), and Europe (+12.1%).

“I am a sales and marketing focused individual and leader, and I have an immense respect for our sales team. At the same time I want to recognise our software and product engineering team, which drives us forward. Our product is what got us here and what continues to lift us forward. Uniregistry Market is a confluence of our collective force-of-will combined with outstanding sales leadership, a hand chosen team of proven brokers and beautiful technology. We don’t settle or compromise for mediocrity and that shows in our hiring decisions, product direction and sales numbers,” reflected Frank Schilling, Uniregistry’s founder and CEO.

That last comment on hiring decisions appears to reflect concerns over staff turnover at Uniregistry which by some media accounts has been high for the number of staff, some of whom have resigned, others have been fired. Online Domain has published an article on at least some of the departures.