uk: YouTube criticised for gang rape video

A video of a young mother being raped while her children cry in the background has sparked calls for the site to be moderatedYouTube is facing criticism for making it too easy for people to upload violent or sexually explicit content to the internet after a 25-year-old mother was filmed while being raped.A three-minute film showing the mother sexually assaulted by three boys after her drink had been spiked was uploaded soon after the incident, which took place in November. of mother being gang-raped posted on YouTube
Footage of a mother repeatedly raped in front of her screaming children posted on YouTube has sparked calls for the video sharing website to be moderated.The 25-year-old woman, who said her glass of champagne was spiked by three teenage boys when they visited her London home in November, said the three-minute mobile phone footage of of her horrific ordeal was watched by 600 people.,23599,23322566-2,00.html

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