.UK Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase started 14 February

Nominet logoThe Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase for short .UK domains started at midday (12.00 GMT) on 14 February 2011 the registry announced. The first step of this two-stage process is for applicants to submit an application for the domain name they would like to register to Nominet via a registrar such as Europe Registry. This application stage closes at midday (12.00 GMT) on 16 March 2011.

The second stage is for applicants to use the application reference number they receive from Nominet to submit the evidence of their unregistered rights to the IP rights validation agency, CMS Cameron McKenna. This validation stage closes at midday (12.00 BST) on 31 March 2011.

Nominet advises that potential applicants should read the instructions carefully on how to apply during this phase, what qualifies as unregistered rights, and what evidence is needed need to submit to the validation agency before submitting an application.

At the end of the application period, uncontested domain names will be registered to the applicants, with an auction process used to resolve any contested applications.

For more information, including a list of available domains please see www.nominet.org.uk/go/shortdomains.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .UK domain name, including to submit an application for a short .UK domain name, check out Europe Registry here.