UK traffic to film and TV piracy sites up nearly 60% in lockdown

Stay-at-home Britain appears to be becoming a nation of streaming pirates, with traffic to illegal movie and TV sites surging since lockdown measures were introduced.

In the last week of March, visits to film piracy sites were up by 57% compared with the last week of February. Sites allowing viewers to illegally watch TV shows and series saw a 29% increase across the same period.

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Coronavirus: UK film piracy surges during lockdown
Visits to film-piracy sites in the UK are up 43% since before lockdown measures came into effect, piracy-monitoring company Muso says.

The “unprecedented gains” are reflected in other countries across the world, the company’s data suggests.

The largest increase was seen in Italy, one of the first countries to go into lockdown, where it surged 66%.

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