UK to create new cyber defence force

The UK is to create a new cyber unit to help defend national security, the defence secretary has announced.The Ministry of Defence is set to recruit hundreds of reservists as computer experts to work alongside regular forces in the creation of the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit.The new unit will also, if necessary, launch strikes in cyber space, Philip Hammond said. see:UK seeks full cyber warfare capability, experts
Britain will recruit hundreds of computer experts to defend its vital networks against cyber attacks and launch high-tech assaults of its own, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said on Sunday.Addressing the annual conference of his ruling Conservative party, Hammond said Britain was spending increasing amounts of its defence budget, the fourth largest in the world, on cyber intelligence and surveillance. Britain’s new cyberarmy could reshape the laws of war
The cultural norms against waging war in cyberspace are slowly eroding.On Sunday, the UK government announced it that it’s actively building an offensive cyber capability, making it the first government to openly admit doing so. Britain will have “hundreds” of hackers at its disposal, defending the country’s digital infrastructure, but also developing the power to deter and to strike.The act of putting together a cyberarmy is hardly worth mentioning; Britain’s national security strategy documents from 2010 telegraph that pretty well. Besides — if you’re a world leader and you’re not investing in online defenses, you’re doing it wrong.

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