uk: ‘The Sun’ is on the wane and it can’t all be blamed on the internet

On Wednesday, Rebekah Wade, editor of The Sun, will give evidence to the House of Lords communications committee as part of its enquiry into media ownership. According to a press release from that august body, Ms Wade will be asked about the declining sales of “red tops”, including her own. Perhaps it will also take an interest in the declining standards of Page Three girls.What will Rebekah – who normally shuns the limelight – say? It so happens that in December (admittedly, a weak month for newspaper sales) the Sun’s circulation dipped below three million copies a day for the first time since 1974, a symbolically important development. This, despite the fact that the paper has been selling at 20p – a discount of 15p – in London and Scotland. The December figure was 2,985,672.

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