uk: The net’s closing in: Ofcom report reveals boom-bust cycle of new media

From uncles wearing skinny jeans to mothers investing in ra-ra skirts, the older generation has long known that the surest way to kill a youth trend is to adopt it as its own. The cyberworld, it seems, is no exception.The proliferation of parents and teachers trawling Facebook trying to poke old schoolfriends and lovers, and traversing the outer reaches of MySpace is causing an adolescent exodus from social networking sites, according to research from the media regulator Ofcom.The sites, once virtual streetcorners, pubs and clubs for millions of 15- to 24-year-olds, have now been over-run by 25- to 34-year-olds whose presence is driving their younger peers away. see:The family together in front of the TV is dead: Facebook, Twitter and Spotify rule
Ever since the first BBC radio broadcast crackled into the nation’s living rooms, in 1922, the electronic media have been hailed as a force for unity, drawing families together.As the wireless gave way to the television, all the generations would squeeze on to the sofa together to watch the same shows in their tens of millions.But in the new, multichannel era of texting, tweeting and tapping away on computers, the generations are finding their entertainment in very different spheres.

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