UK teachers in websites closure call

Teachers have called for websites such as YouTube to be shut down as part of efforts to prevent pupils and staff being bullied.Delegates at the conference of the Professional Association of Teachers said bullying can continue outside school and work hours.They said bullies can send abusive text messages or e-mails to victims. see:
Teachers demand ban on sites used by cyber-bullies
Websites such as YouTube, MSN and should be closed down to prevent the bullying of schoolchildren and staff online, teachers demanded yesterday.Victims of cyber-bullying are vulnerable 24 hours a day, the annual conference of the Professional Association of Teachers was told.Teachers cite violence and poor behaviour as the most common reasons for leaving the profession and say that parents must do more to tackle bad attitudes. Last year 640 primary school pupils were suspended for racist or lewd and sexually abusive behaviour, including bullying. call for YouTube ban over ‘cyber-bullying’
Teachers are demanding that YouTube, the hugely popular video sharing website, be closed down for refusing to remove violent, threatening and sexual content involving children and staff.Members of the Professional Association of Teachers have accused the company of encouraging cyber-bullying by ignoring their pleas to take down inappropriate clips.,,2137270,00.html

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