UK snooper’s charter is threat to internet freedom, warn web five in letter to May

The five biggest internet companies in the world, including Google and Facebook, have privately delivered a thinly veiled warning to the home secretary, Theresa May, that they will not voluntarily co-operate with the “snooper’s charter”.In a leaked letter to the home secretary that is also signed by Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo!, the web’s “big five” say that May’s rewritten proposals to track everybody’s email, internet and social media use remain “expensive to implement and highly contentious”. see:Leading internet companies warn Government of ‘harmful consequences’ of ‘snooper’ laws
Five leading internet companies have warned the Government about the “potentially seriously harmful consequences” of creating new laws allowing police and public authorities to monitor electronic communications.In a letter to the Home Secretary Theresa May, extracts from which were published by The Guardian, the companies warn that the proposals would “threaten the open nature of the internet” and undermine the UK’s international reputation as a “leading digital nation”. The letter was signed by representatives of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, the paper said.

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