UK sex offenders face website bans

Paedophiles will be banned from social networking websites such as Facebook, under measures announced by ministers today.Convicted child sex offenders will be forced to disclose their email addresses to police, who will then pass the details to websites to block access.The Home Office admitted details of the scheme are yet to be worked out and questions remain over whether the global nature of the web could hamper the complex issues involved.For example, MySpace and Facebook – the world’s fifth and sixth most popular websites in terms of traffic – are both based in California. sex offenders face website bans
Sex offenders’ e-mail addresses are to be passed to social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo to prevent them contacting children.Under government proposals, offenders who do not give police their address – or give a false one – would face up to five years in jail.Websites would be expected to monitor the e-mail address usage or block them accessing the sites. face curbs on internet use
The home secretary will today outline plans to increase protection for children surfing the web, including new jail terms for convicted paedophiles who use social networking websites.The measures, which mirror systems operating in the US, include a requirement for convicted sex offenders to give their email address to the police. If they use that address to sign up to a website such as MySpace, Bebo or Facebook, they could be imprisoned for up to five years. to be forced to disclose e-mail addresses
Paedophiles will have to disclose their e-mail addresses to police when they go on the sex offenders register as part of measures to increase online safety. Paedophiles forced to register email details
Convicted child sex offenders will be forced to give their email addresses to police as part of a drive to stop them “grooming” children online, the Home Office will announce today.

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