UK rights-holders bear brunt of costs of chasing pirates

Rights-holders will bear the brunt of the costs for tackling copyright infringers, the UK government has said.The music and film industry will pay three-quarters of the costs of pursuing net pirates, with internet service providers paying the remaining quarter.ISPA, which represents UK ISPs, said it was “disappointed” that it had to share the costs of implementing the controversial legislation. see:UK ISPs hit back at sharing cost of copyright crackdown
Internet service providers have protested against the government’s decision that they will bear a quarter of the costs involved in enforcing the copyright crackdown laid out in the Digital Economy Act.On Tuesday, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) announced that 75 percent of the cost of sending out warning letters to suspected unauthorised file-sharers will be met by copyright holders, with the rest being covered by internet service providers (ISPs). The same split will be applied to the cost of appeals by consumers, who will not be charged a fee to challenge an accusation.

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