uk: Police suspect internet link to suicides

  • Seven young people found dead in last 12 months
  • Mother urges parents to monitor computer use

Police in south Wales are investigating the possibility of an internet “suicide chain” after the apparent copycat deaths of seven young people over the past year.The latest victim, Natasha Randall, 17, was found dead at her family home in Blaengarw, near Bridgend last week. Two other teenage girls who knew her attempted to harm themselves the following day. Last night, one of them was still on a life support machine in hospital, while the second girl was discharged from hospital.Police believe that all the victims may be linked, even if they had not met offline. network sites link to town’s seven suicides
Natasha Randall was 17, had a large circle of friends and was studying childcare when, without any indication that she was unhappy, she hanged herself in her bedroom.Her death last Thursday was the latest in at least seven apparent copycat suicides in Bridgend, South Wales, that have alarmed parents, health authorities and police, who believe that they may be prompted by messages on social networking websites such as Bebo.Within days two 15-year-old girls, both of whom had known Tasha, as she called herself, had also tried to take their lives. One cut her wrists and was later discharged from hospital into the care of her parents. The other tried to hang herself and spent two days on life support before showing signs of recovery. Police have since visited the families of 20 of Tasha’s friends, urging them to keep an eye on their daughters. ‘Internet suicide cult’ rips apart town as SEVEN young people hang themselves
A small town has been rocked by the copycat suicides of seven young people. Local people fear the hangings are linked to a chilling internet cult. Within 24 hours of the latest death last week, two friends of the teenage girl had also attempted suicide. A wild child who surfed her way to suicide and ‘virtual immortality’
The secret life of Natasha Randall was laid bare on an alarmingly candid web page. At the click of a button you could discover her likes and dislikes, study revealing photographs, chat to her online and find out who wanted to have sex with her. Yesterday that page became her virtual headstone.

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