uk: Plaudits and concern over Tanya Byron

The games industry has welcomed the recommendations of the Byron Review but concerns have been raised that ratings still need to be future proofed.Dr Tanya Byron has recommended that the role of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) be expanded. backs Byron’s web safety push
The education minister, Ed Balls, today committed the government to fully implementing the recommendations of Dr Tanya Bryon’s report on child internet safety, including the setting up of a council to oversee industry self-regulation of content. Byron report: key points
Key points from the executive summary Computer games to get cigarette-style health warnings
Video games will be forced to carry cigarette-style health warnings under proposals to protect children from unsuitable digital material. ‘digital divide’ putting children at risk
Grandparents as well as parents should take part in a national internet safety campaign to ensure children in their care cannot access unsuitable material online, a Government-backed review has concluded.The television psychologist Tanya Byron called for the wider family to join a national programme of internet education as she published her report on the dangers of video games and unsupervised use of the internet. Government to create child internet safety council
The Government has said that it will establish a Council for Child Internet Safety and start to apply to computer games the age restrictions used to classify films.

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