UK parents to be shown how to protect children online

  • New rules to protect children on internet
  • New codes of practice for social network sites and video games

The first national strategy for child internet safety, including a streamlined system for classifying computer video games and codes of practice for social networking sites, will be set out today in a ground-breaking report for government.The six-month study prepared by the child psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, reflects her concern that parents and children are struggling with the impact of the internet and computer games. computer game releases will test guidance to the limit
Two events in the computer games calendar will provide important tests for the regime envisaged by Tanya Byron: the arrival next month of Grand Theft Auto IV, and a court decision last week to overturn a ban on the ultra-violent Manhunt 2.The latest Manhunt game will be released imminently after a nine-month legal battle by its producers, who opposed its ban by the British Board of Film Classification for gratuitous violence and “sustained and cumulative casual sadism”. Review targets sex, violence in video games and online [Reuters]
A review into damaging video games and unsuitable websites will be published tomorrow by the British government, keen to protect children from violent, dangerous and pornographic images bombarding the young and vulnerable.

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