UK minister proposes privacy mediation service and good-privacy kitemark

A UK Government minister has proposed the creation of a mediation service for people who think their right to privacy has been violated on the internet. The mediation could result in the removal of material, Ed Vaizey said.Vaizey is Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, and told a House of Commons debate that there should be a mediation service for content to match the Nominet-run service run to resolve domain name disputes. see:Government proposes ISP mediation for web takedowns
The government will approach ISPs to discuss a mediation service for people who want to request a takedown of incorrect information held online.The internet needs a similar mediation service for privacy breaches as the one provided by Nominet for domain names, culture minister Ed Vaizey told MPs in a parliamentary debate on Thursday. Nominet’s service, which is part of the domain organisation’s dispute resolution services, is informal and not legally binding.

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