UK ‘losing fight’ against internet crime, warn MPs

The UK must do more to stop online fraud and deter state-sponsored cyber-espionage or risk losing the fight against e-crime, MPs have warned.The Home Affairs Select Committee said much low-level internet-based financial crime was falling into a “black hole” and was not reported to the police. see:Britain is losing the war against internet crime, says MP report
Britain is too complacent about the war against internet crime, which it is losing, a committee of MPs said on Tuesday.In a wide-ranging report, the Commons home affairs committee said that internet crime, or e-crime, is now more valuable than the drugs industry; that sentences are too low; and that a “black hole” in the system allowed minor e-crime to be committed with impunity. losing battle against internet crime, MPs say
Britain is losing the battle against cyber crime and needs a new crack crime unit to fight the growing problem in cooperation with its global partners, particularly the European Union, a panel of MPs said in a report on Tuesday.The Home Affairs Committee, which scrutinises the government’s domestic policy, said the “state-of-the-art espionage response team” would encourage companies, banks and institutions to report hacking attempts to uncover the full extent of online crime and halt its rise.

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