UK ISPs ordered to block access to three file-sharing websites

BSkyB, BT, Virgin Media and three other UK broadband providers have been ordered by the high court to block access to three music and movie file-sharing websites as content owners redouble efforts to stem online piracy.Mr Justice Arnold granted an order to 10 record labels including EMI, Sony and Universal against six UK internet service providers requiring them to “take measures to block or at least impede access by their customers” to three file-sharing websites. The ISPs have been given 15 working days to block access to the sites. see:Court orders UK ISPs to block more piracy sites
The High Court has ordered the UK’s major internet service providers to block three websites offering links to pirated material.The ISPs must stop their users from accessing Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy.Music industry group the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) said the sites infringed copyright on a “significant scale”.

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