UK ISP fires shot across bows of music industry on piracy

TalkTalk, the internet service-provider owned by Carphone Warehouse, has flatly rejected demands from the music and film industries that it should “police” the internet and cut off some broadband customers in an attempt to stem the flood of illegal file-sharing.The record industry, in the form of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), has suggested persistent illegal file-sharers should be warned by their service providers and then be cut off under a “three strikes and you’re out” rule.But TalkTalk has written to the BPI to reject the scheme outright, branding it “unreasonable and unworkable” and warning it will take “every practical and legal step to defend its customers”. internet ‘not ISP’s job’
The head of one of Britain’s biggest internet providers has criticised the music industry for demanding that he act against pirates.The trade body for UK music, the BPI, asked internet service providers to disconnect people who ignore requests to stop sharing music.

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