uk: Internet controls or citizen service, rival leaders tackle child protection

New controls may be needed to prevent the internet and video games from exposing children to harmful or inappropriate material, ministers indicated yesterday, as they appointed a TV psychologist to head an official inquiry.The prime minister, Gordon Brown, also launched a national consultation on the next decade of children’s policy, underlining the government’s determination to prevent Conservative claims of a “broken society” from taking hold after a spate of shootings and stabbings of young people.,,2164203,00.htmlAlso see:

uk: Inquiry into ‘safe net’ for children

Tanya Byron, the clinical psychologist, is to head an inquiry into the impact of violent video games and internet pornography on children, ministers said today.The appointment of Dr Byron, a columnist for The Times, could presage interventionist action. Ministers believe that the views of parents must be given as much weight as those of the technicians, government sources told The Times.

‘Happy slapping’ vids prompt Brown to push net filters

The availability of gore and violence on the internet has prompted the UK Government to consider backing a campaign to encourage wider awareness and use of net-filtering software. Gordon Brown has ordered ministers to work with ISPs and media watchdog Ofcom to devise a strategy to regulate access to smut and violence online.

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