uk: How you can help to halt online child abuse

As many as one in twenty people stumble across child sexual abuse images while surfing the internet, with more than a third of all sites showing the most extreme images, according to a report published today.Three in ten of the victims appear to be aged under 6 – with 5 per cent apparently younger than 2, according to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which shuts down illegal internet content. More than three quarters of the children are girls.Up to 35 per cent of all sexual abuse sites known to the IWF show the most severe forms of abuse such as child rape and sexual assault involving sadism and bestiality. see:Web giants aid child porn hotline
Top internet companies have joined forces to publicise a hotline to report online child pornography.Internet giants AOL, Tiscali, Yahoo! and MSN are supporting the work of the IWF. the internet safer [news release]
The Internet Watch Foundation has made Wednesday 24 October IWF Awareness Day, to focus attention on issues of child safety on the internet. The Home Office supports the foundation’s work to make the internet safer.The IWF offers the only UK hotline for reporting websites that host images of child sexual abuse, criminally obscene content, or words or images designed to incite racial hatred. giants join forces to back IWF Awareness Day [news release]
The UK’s major online brands are joining forces today to publicise the existence of the ‘Hotline’ operated by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) so all UK internet users know what to do if they accidentally stumble across online images of children being sexually abused. The first national IWF Awareness Day, supported by the IWF’s members companies, is reaching out to the UK’s vast online population to make them aware that the IWF is dedicated to getting this abusive content removed.

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