UK home secretary calls for internet companies to store details of website visits

Theresa May is to propose a major extension of the surveillance state when she publishes legislation requiring internet companies to store details of every website visited by customers over the previous year.The home secretary will try to sweeten the pill of her revived snooper’s charter on Wednesday by announcing that the police will need to get judicial authorisation before they can access the internet connection records of an individual – something that is currently banned in the US and every European country, including Britain. see:Theresa May faces fight over web browsing access
The home secretary, Theresa May, should not seek to give the intelligence agencies full access to an individual’s web browsing history, Labour and the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg are both likely to say when the government publishes its draft investigatory powers bill on Wednesday.Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions and now a shadow Home Office minister, said Labour opposed giving intelligence agencies access to web browsing history since the measure was likely to give the agencies effective access to the content of an individual’s communications.

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