UK High Court serves court order over Twitter

The High Court has given permission for an injunction to be served via social-networking site Twitter.The order is to be served against an unknown Twitter user who anonymously posts to the site using the same name as a right-wing political blogger.The order demands the anonymous Twitter user reveal their identity and stop posing as Donal Blaney, who blogs at a site called Blaney’s Blarney. see:High Court uses Twitter to issue injunction
The High Court has ordered an injunction to be served through the social networking site Twitter for the first time.In yesterday’s ruling, the court said issuing the writ over the micro-blogging site was the best way to get to an anonymous tweeter who was impersonating a right-wing commentator. High Court serves injunction using Twitter [IDG]
For the first time, a U.K. court delivered an injunction over Twitter on Thursday, a ground-breaking embrace of technology by a traditionally slow-moving legal system.The injunction orders an anonymous person to stop impersonating Donal Blaney, a prominent right-wing blogger and owner of the Griffin Law firm based in Hawkhurst, England. Court orders writ to be served via Twitter
The High Court ordered its first injunction via Twitter on Thursday, saying the social website and micro-blogging service was the best way to reach an anonymous Tweeter who had been impersonating someone.Solicitors Griffin Law sought the injunction against the micro-blog page arguing it was impersonating right-wing blogger Donal Blaney, the owner of Griffin Law.

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