UK Government orders chief medical officer to draw up guidelines on social media time limits

Britain's chief medical officer has been instructed by health secretary Matt Hancock to draw up official guidelines on time limits for social media use.

Mr Hancock said he was “very worried” as a father by growing evidence of the detrimental effect social media was having on the health of young people.

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Health chiefs to set social media time limits for young people
The government is to produce the first official guidelines on the maximum amount of time young people should spend on social media, health secretary Matt Hancock says today, amid growing concern about the links between its excessive use and mental health problems among children.

In an interview with the Observer before the Conservatve party conference, which opens this weekend in Birmingham, Hancock says he has instructed the UK’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, to draw up advice as soon as possible that he hopes will become an accepted “norm in society”, like that on recommended maximum alcohol consumption for adults.

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