UK government kicks off fresh debate on comms law

The government has asked for feedback on ideas for new laws to govern the telecommunications, online-media and digital-content industries, as a prelude to introducing a new Communications Act in 2015.In an open letter to people working in those industries, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said the government is embarking on a wide-ranging review of UK communications rules “to ensure the regulatory framework in place is fit for the digital age”.To read this ZDNet report in full, see: see:Government launches review to help establish new communications laws
The Government has asked for industry’s input on new communication laws that could come into effect as early as 2015. It has opened a review into the regulation of the communications industry in the UK.Media and communications businesses, including telephone providers, TV, radio and online publishers, have been asked to respond to a consultation run by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

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