uk: Google and PRS in deadlock as music videos pulled from YouTube

YouTube in the UK is to be stripped of its most popular music videos after the site failed to agree a new licencing deal with the Performing Rights Society for Music, the trade body that collects music royalties.YouTube said today that after the expiry of its former deal, PRS had proposed new payment terms that would be financially prohibitive for the site and would require YouTube to pay out more than it makes from the ads next each video. to block British music videos
YouTube is to block thousands of music videos by the biggest names in rock and pop for British users after failing to reach agreement with the UK music licensing body.Official videos from all major music publishers and independent labels, covering artists from Rihanna to U2 to The Killers, will become unobtainable in the next couple of days. YouTube said it was taking the unprecedented action after PRS for Music, the royalty collection body in the UK, demanded a “prohibitive” hike in licensing fees. videos pulled from YouTube in row over licensing
Thousands of music videos featuring some of the world’s most popular artists will be deleted from YouTube this evening, after the video-sharing website failed to strike a licensing agreement with the governing body that collects royalty payments for songwriters and composers.Talks between YouTube and the Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) have broken down because the two parties could not agree on the terms of a deal which would see the PRS continue to license music to the video-sharing site.

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