uk: Fewer people downloading music illegally

Fewer people are downloading music from the internet illegally because they are frightened about having their connections cut off, according to new research.Around 39 per cent of music fans currently download tracks from illegal sites, compared to 43 per cent last year, the annual digital music survey of 1,500 people found.However, of those, 72 per cent said they would stop if they were contacted by their internet service provider (ISP).The research suggests that people are heeding warnings from the Government that it is serious about curbing rampant internet piracy. fans back legal downloads
Music pirates can be deterred by warnings from their internet service provider (ISP), suggests a survey.Almost 75% of music pirates would stop if told to by their ISP, the survey of 1500 UK consumers found.The research looked at the digital habits of consumers and found that the abundance of online music services was convincing many to go straight.Just over half of those questioned said they got music from legal subscription sites, or those supported by ads.

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