UK digital divide is widening

Efforts to bridge the digital divide with disadvantaged classes in the UK are failing, according to a new report. The ground-breaking Understanding Digital Inclusion, from Freshminds, brings together information from more than 80 sources, says the number of digitally disadvantaged people has hardly changed since 2004. It says 75 per cent of people counted as socially excluded are also digitally excluded, by not having the benefits or opportunities that computers and Internet access can bring. Not only is the divide widening, but deepening, according to the report, with those “stuck on the wrong side” more deeply excluded and harder to reach than ever before. see:
Digital divide becoming chasm, research reveals
Movement on the digital divide has stalled with only marginally more people online today than three years ago. UK online centres, managed by the University for Industry, have issued a report which says that bridging the digital divide is the responsibility of the public, private, and third sector working together.

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