uk: Copycat sex attacker found guilty

A hospital worker has been convicted of assaulting a teenager in a sex attack he copied from an internet site. Carley Furness, 17, was saved by emergency surgery after being stabbed in the throat and stomach by 28-year-old Peter Anscombe. see:
Revealed: The British links to internet rape site
Credit-card giant Visa has pledged to investigate its commercial links to a vile internet site watched by a sex attacker before he stabbed his teen-age victim. An Old Bailey jury heard last week how Peter Anscombe accessed a website specialising in scenes of violent rape in the run-up to his assault on Carley Furness. His actions closely mirrored scenes from the website. In one, a rapist stalks his prey through parkland in broad daylight and throws her into bushes before carrying out a sexual attack.

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