UAE lifts BlackBerry ban threat

The United Arab Emirates on Friday said it would not go ahead with the suspension of BlackBerry mobile communication services next week, saying they were now compliant with the Gulf’s state’s regulatory framework.The UAE’s regulator had said in August that it would ban BlackBerry’s messenger, e-mail and web-browser services on October 11 because they were operating outside of its laws and raised national security concerns.To read this report in The Financial Times in full, see: see:U.A.E. Goes Back on Blackberry Ban
The United Arab Emirates said Friday it has reached a “regulatory compliant” solution with Blackberry maker Research In Motion, averting a ban on key Blackberry services that would have come into force Monday.Blackberry services in the UAE won’t be suspended on Oct. 11 and will continue to operate normally, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, or TRA, said in an emailed statement. Drops Threat to Suspend BlackBerry
The United Arab Emirates, one of several countries that have threatened to suspend services for the Blackberry smartphones this year, on Friday backed away from a ban that was to have come into effect on Monday, after reaching an agreement with the popular messaging devices’ manufacturer, Research In Motion.The U.A.E. telecommunications regulator said BlackBerry services were now “compliant with the U.A.E.’s telecommunications regulatory framework,” and that all BlackBerry services would continue to operate as normal beyond Monday. says BlackBerry dispute resolved before deadline
The United Arab Emirates will not suspend BlackBerry services on October 11 after resolving a dispute with its Canadian maker Research in Motion over access to email and other data, state news WAM agency said on Friday.The UAE had said it would suspend BlackBerry Messenger, email and web browser services to about 500,000 subscribers from October 11 unless Canadian BlackBerry maker RIM works out a way to locate encrypted servers in the country, so that the government can seek access to messages. Halts Plan to Ban BlackBerry [AP]
The United Arab Emirates backed off a threat to cut key services on BlackBerry smart phones Friday, just days before the ban was set to take effect.The Gulf federation, home to the region’s business hub and largest airport in Dubai, was planning to shut off BlackBerry messaging, e-mail and Web browsing services Monday over security concerns. Arab Emirates will not ban Blackberries
The United Arab Emirates has said it will not go ahead with plans to ban Blackerry services, following talks with maker Research in Motion.It had threatened to suspend all services from 11 October.The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority confirmed that it is satisfied services on the devices are now compliant with its security needs.

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