U.S. should lead by example in free and open Internet, advocacy group says

The United States should look at its own policies before criticizing countries such as the United Arab Emirates for banning BlackBerry e-mail, Web and messaging services for security reasons, according to one digital rights advocacy group.The United Arab Emirates is blocking BlackBerry services because local officials cannot monitor messages, which are encrypted and routed overseas, for illegal activity or abuse. Pakistan already has a similar ban in effect and other countries — many in the Middle East — have threatened to do the same.
http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20100805_6309.phpAlso see:Net neutrality talks stall in US
US regulators have halted closed-door meetings intended to find a way to make sure all web data is treated equally.The Federal Communications Commission began the meetings after a court limited its net regulation powers.The FCC faced criticism over the meetings by groups that supported the principle known as net neutrality.

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