U.S. Says China’s Government, Military Used Cyberespionage

The Chinese government has targeted U.S. government computer systems for intrusion, the Pentagon said Monday in a more direct accusation of cyberespionage than the U.S. has made in the past.While American officials have long charged that China is a top perpetrator of cyberespionage, a new Pentagon report goes a step further, blaming some cyberintrusions directly on the government and its military.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323687604578467442670389684.htmlAlso see:U.S. Directly Blames China’s Military for Cyberattacks
The Obama administration on Monday explicitly accused China’s military of mounting attacks on American government computer systems and defense contractors, saying one motive could be to map “military capabilities that could be exploited during a crisis.”While some recent estimates have more than 90 percent of cyberespionage in the United States originating in China, the accusations relayed in the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on Chinese military capabilities were remarkable in their directness. Until now the administration avoided directly accusing both the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army of using cyberweapons against the United States in a deliberate, government-developed strategy to steal intellectual property and gain strategic advantage.
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/07/world/asia/us-accuses-chinas-military-in-cyberattacks.htmlEditorial: China and Cyberwar
Despite denials from Beijing, there seems little doubt that China’s computer hackers are engaged in an aggressive and increasingly threatening campaign of cyberespionage directed at a range of government and private systems in the United States, including the power grid and telecommunications networks.The Obama administration had carefully avoided naming a specific culprit. Now it has. In the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on China, the Chinese government and, in particular, the Chinese military are explicitly accused of mounting attacks on United States government computer systems and defense contractors in a systematic effort to steal intellectual property and gain strategic advantage.
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/08/opinion/china-and-cyberwar.htmlUS accuses China government and military of cyber-spying
China’s government and military have targeted US government computers as part of a cyber espionage campaign, a US report on China says.Intrusions were focused on collecting intelligence on US diplomatic, economic and defence sectors which could benefit China’s own defence programme, it says.This is the first time the Pentagon’s annual report has directly linked such attacks to the Beijing government.

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