U.S. Named As Top Spam-Producing Country

The US has been named the world’s biggest spam-producing country.Security firm Sophos said the US was responsible for 15.6 percent of all spam received between April and June this year – that’s one in every six junk emails.The US was closely followed by Brazil, which produced 11.1 percent of all spam, and Turkey, which generated 5.2 percent.
http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/072109-us-named-as-top-spam-producing.htmlAlso see:Report: Americans dumber than a box of rocks about spam
When it comes to spam, we Americans are quick to point our fingers at Russia, China and eastern Europe as the regions responsible for the bulk of it. But a new report issued today found that Americans are largely to blame – not because we create it, but because we’re too stupid to recognize that we’re spreading it.OK, maybe the report, conducted by IT security and data protection firm Sophos, didn’t use the word “stupid” to describe us but it might as well have. The report noted that, during the second quarter of 2009, Americans relayed more spam than any other country.

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