Typosquatting Takes Advantage of Social Networking

Typosquattng is moving into a new phase with the popular use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.By registering domain names such as facebok.com and twitr.com, unscrupulous typosquatters are using the sites to “display advertisements or fraudulent promotional offers … in the [hope] that misspellings will draw traffic – and victims,” according to a report published on MSNBC.These sites draw “millions of people who visit Facebook and Twitter each day by offering ‘gifts’ of iPads or other ‘exclusive prizes.'”The report then notes that when a user goes to facebok.com, they find the following message:
“Dear Visitor, You’ve been selected to take part in our anonymous survey. Complete this 30 second questionnaire, and to say ‘thank you,’ we’ll offer you a few exclusive prizes. This offer is available today only.”A similar message comes up at Twitr.com, and to win these exclusive prizes, the user has part with their personal information, which then becomes the property of the cybercriminal.The full story on MSNBC is available at www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40538986