Two Weeks Out, Spam Volumes Still Way Down

A full two weeks after a Web hosting firm identified by the computer security community as a major host of organizations engaged in spam activity was taken offline, the volume of spam sent globally each day has yet to bounce back.The block graph over at e-mail security firm IronPort suggests that the company blocked around 35 billion spam messages on Monday. Prior to hosting provider McColo’s shutdown, IronPort was flagging somewhere around 160 billion junk e-mails per day. levels fluctuate as crooks try to revive botnets
Two weeks after a hosting firm’s shutdown sent global spam volumes plummeting, some researchers continue to claim that junk mail rates remain dramatically down, while others say spam has already bounced back.The shutdown of California-based McColo Corp., a company that hosted a staggering variety of cybercriminal activity, on Nov. 11 cut spam by as much as 75% in the first few days after its upstream Internet providers pulled the plug. The shutdown slashed spam volumes because some of the planet’s biggest spam-sending botnets were controlled from servers hosted by McColo, according to security researchers who had long urged the company’s disconnection from the Web.

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