Two US consumer groups urge Facebook to back off privacy changes; conflicts with European law

Two consumer watchdogs are urging Facebook founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to back off proposed changes to its policies that they say would curb the rights of its 1 billion-plus users and make more personal information available to advertisers without users’ explicit consent in violation of a privacy settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.In a letter sent to Zuckerberg on Monday, the groups asked Facebook to be “responsive to the rights of Facebook users to control their personal information and to participate in the governance of Facebook.”,0,5583442.storyAlso see:Privacy groups call for Facebook changes U-turn
Two US privacy groups have asked Facebook to reconsider proposed changes to its terms of service that they say violate commitments to protect users.The social network plans to end user voting on its privacy policy, and allow the sharing of information across its services.Facebook is also planning to get rid of a setting for users to control who can contact them on its email system. groups ask Facebook to withdraw proposed policy changes
Two privacy advocacy groups urged Facebook Inc on Monday to withdraw proposed changes to its terms of service that would allow the company to share user data with recently acquired photo-application Instagram, eliminate a user voting system and loosen email restrictions within the social network.The changes, which Facebook unveiled on Wednesday, raise privacy risks for users and violate the company’s previous commitments to its roughly 1 billion members, according to the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy. Users Will In Fact Vote On If They’ll Lose The Ability To Vote, Other Privacy Changes Denounced By EPIC
17,800 Facebook users have commented on proposed changes to Facebook’s governing documents, enough to trigger a vote on whether they’ll go into effect. Today the Electronic Privacy Information Center asked Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw the proposal to combine user data from Facebook and Instagram, and eliminate the same right to vote that users will assert in a 7-day period starting soon.Facebook gave users one week to review the proposal to change its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy, and that period ends tomorrow morning around 10am PST. Since more than 7,o00 users have left commented on the changes, exceeding the threshold required to cause a vote, Facebook will set up a one-week voting period in the near future. Last May when Facebook made its last proposal that also received enough comments, Facebook set up a voting period starting two weeks after the comment period ended, meaning this vote could begin around December 11th. Facebook policy conflicts with European law, concerns privacy advocates
Parts of Facebook’s proposed new privacy policy conflict with European law, a key regulator said Friday as he moved to give users in the European Union more power to block the sharing of their data with the company’s affiliates such as Instagram.Regulators alerted Facebook about the problem shortly after the company announced major changes Wednesday in how it will treat users’ personal data, said Gary T. Davis, deputy data protection commissioner in Ireland. His office oversees Facebook operations for the European Union because the company’s European headquarters is in Dublin.

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