Two held over ZeuS trojan virus that steals personal data

Two suspected hackers have been arrested by police investigating a “trojan” computer virus that gathers confidential details from individuals and is believed to have infected tens of thousands of computers around the world.The Metropolitan police said that once the ZeuS or Zbot trojan was installed in an affected computer, it recorded users’ bank details and passwords, credit card numbers and other information such as passwords for social networking sites. see:Why Zbot is the most notorious malware
The Zbot or Zeus malware is a trojan – a program that comes disguised as one thing (such as an email attachment which says you need to click on it to reconfigure your email clients), but instead steals online banking details. Trojans are a serious threat to the security of users’ machines: the cleverest prevent antivirus software from downloading updates that would catch it and wait silently until the user goes on to a banking, share-dealing or social networking site, at which point it will capture login details. F-Secure, a computer security company, noted that “to gather more information, the malware author can even create additional fields, which are then injected into a targeted webpage for the unsuspecting victim to fill in”. The person in control of Zbot could capture enough information to steal unsuspecting users’ identities completely.

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