Twitter’s Global Expansion Boosts Revenue as It Brings Censorship Hurdles

Twitter Inc.’s international expansion may help fuel a threefold gain in revenue, even as it raises censorship challenges for the microblogging service.Ad revenue at Twitter is set to rise to $540 million in 2014 from $139.5 million in 2011, according to New York-based research firm EMarketer Inc. Increasing popularity overseas will decrease the site’s reliance on U.S. advertisers. The percentage of dollars coming from the U.S. will fall to 83 percent in 2014 from about 90 percent this year, EMarketer said. see:Costolo: Twitter Isn’t Looking to Censor Anyone
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Monday tried to clarify his company’s position regarding censorship, saying that Twitter will only censor tweets when it is legally required to do so.The company said last week in a blog post that it is now able to censor tweets by country, igniting something of a firestorm over how it will use that power. CEO Dick Costolo talks censorship
The question on many people’s minds since last week is why Twitter announced that it would remove tweets on a country-by-country basis as per local governments’ requests–a plan that some people called censorship.Tonight, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was able to answer that question when he sat down with Peter Kafka for an interview at the D:Dive Into Media conference in Dana Point, Calif.

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