Twitter website ‘blocked’ in Turkey

Twitter users in Turkey report that the social media site has been blocked in the country.Some users trying to open the website are apparently being redirected to a statement by Turkey’s telecommunications regulator.It cites a court order to apply “protection measures” on the website.This comes after PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “wipe out Twitter” following damaging allegations of corruption in his inner circle. see:Turkey blocks use of Twitter after prime minister attacks social media site
Turkey restricted access to Twitter hours after its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, threatened to “root out” the social media network where wiretapped recordings have been leaked, damaging the government’s reputation ahead of local elections.Some users trying to use Twitter were taken to a statement apparently from Turkey’s telecommunications regulator (TIB). Users Evade Turkey’s Twitter Ban
The government of Turkey is trying to shut off access to Twitter, which has become a platform for criticism ahead of elections. But it hasn’t been entirely successful, because of some popular workarounds.Blocking a website throughout a country isn’t difficult, said Morgan Marquis-Boire, a security researcher affiliated with the University of Toronto and a student of government censorship. That’s because all Web traffic ultimately has to travel through the computers of a relatively small number of Internet providers. Marquis-Boire said governments typically order Internet providers to route requests for the website – in this case Twitter – to a dead-end corner of the Web.

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