Twitter Tries to Regroup After Web Attack; Facebook, Google Also Affected

Twitter was disrupted for several hours on Thursday as it tried to defend itself against a Web attack, possibly originating in Russia or Georgia, that overwhelmed the microblogging site.The disruption was characterized as a denial-of-service attack, in which hackers route a deluge of traffic toward a Web site, which becomes overwhelmed trying to process the junk requests. Many of Twitter’s 45 million legitimate visitors were unable to use the service.Most computer security analysts did not cite a specific source of the attack Thursday. see:Google the latest victim of malicious online attacks
A concerted attempt to crash a string of major websites appears to be underway, with malicious online attacks affecting services including Facebook, Twitter and Google.The source of the strikes is not yet known, but they have already affected hundreds of millions of web users around the world. Still Struggling to Restore Service After Attack
Twitter, the popular microblogging service, was crippled Thursday morning by a denial-of-service attack.The extended silence in a normally noisy Twitterworld began around 9 a.m. Twitter later posted a note to its status update page saying the site had been slowed to a standstill by an attack. crippled by denial-of-service attack
Twitter was inaccessible for several hours on Thursday morning, followed by a period of slowness and sporadic time-outs (and more outright downtime). The company is blaming an “ongoing” denial-of-service attack but has not said anything further. Facebook has also confirmed that it was targeted by a DoS attack that rendered some of its features slow or non-functional.‘Malicious attack’ by hackers targets Facebook and Twitter
Hackers have targeted two of the hottest internet sites on the web, closing down Twitter for a couple of hours and disrupting access for Facebook users.The micro-blogging site Twitter, used by several million in the UK, was overwhelmed by a “denial of service” attack by “botnets” – in which hackers command scores of compromised computers to contact a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.

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