Twitter sues US government over spying

Twitter has sued the US government over surveillance laws.Under current regulations, Twitter cannot reveal certain information about government requests for users’ data relating to national security.Twitter argues that this violates the right to free speech, as defined by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. see:Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over Data Disclosure Rules
Twitter filed a lawsuit against the United States government on Tuesday, seeking to ease restrictions on public disclosures of how often the company receives requests for user data from government agencies.The suit, which makes Twitter the lone big tech company to continue the disclosure fight with federal agencies, charges that in restricting how often companies like Twitter can inform their members of government requests for personal information, the government is in violation of users’ First Amendment rights. lawsuit seeks right to inform users of US government surveillance
Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the US government in which it asks to be allowed to publish information about government surveillance of users, the company announced today.In the suit, filed in the US district court of Northern California, Twitter requests “relief from prohibitions on its speech in violation of the first amendment”.

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