Twitter Struggles to Unpack a Hack Within Its Walls

As forensic investigators at Twitter hurried on Wednesday to discover the origin of one of the worst hacks in the company’s history, the team came to a startling conclusion: The hack was coming from an account inside the house.

But even by Thursday afternoon, 24 hours after hackers pushed a Bitcoin scam from the accounts of political leaders like Joseph R. Biden Jr. and industry titans like Elon Musk, the company’s researchers were still struggling to nail down many other basic aspects of the breach, including whether an employee had been willfully complicit. The company was also still sorting out how many accounts were affected, and whether the attackers had gained access to details within the accounts, such as private messages.

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Twitter hack triggers investigations and lawmaker concerns
Fallout from Twitter’s massive security breach intensified Thursday, as authorities launched investigations and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle called for more information on a widespread hack of high-profile accounts.

The FBI will lead a federal inquiry into the hack, it said in a statement Thursday. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) directed New York state to start a probe of the incident, saying the hack is “deeply troubling” particularly in light of the approaching elections. And lawmakers spoke out, including Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) who said in a statement the country needs “strong cyber security standards.”

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