Twitter Rules Out Long Tweets, Sticking to 140-Character Limit

Two months ago, Twitter’s most dedicated fans threw a fit when news of a potentially major change in the service came to light: the 140-character limit, long one of Twitter’s defining characteristics, might be going away.Keep calm and tweet on, Twitter loyalists. The limit is here to stay.Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive of Twitter, assuaged people’s concerns in an interview with the “Today” show on Friday, confirming that the company will keep tweets at 140 characters. see:‘Still 140 characters’: Twitter CEO quashes rumor of longer tweets
Twitter’s much-loved 140-character limit is “staying.”That’s what Jack Dorsey, one of the company’s founders and its newly-reinstated CEO said in an appearance on the Today show on Friday.Rumors in January about Twitter switching from a 140-character limit to a 10,000-character limit were met with overwhelming derision from users who felt the platform’s built-in brevity is its soul.

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