Twitter paves way for advertising by changing terms of use

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging website, took another step towards making money yesterday by amending its terms of use to allow advertisers to reach its 45 million regular visitors.The company, founded two years ago, has exploded in popularity but has held back from introducing ways to monetise its internet traffic. Its founders have said they wanted to concentrate on growth and not alienate account holders. see:Twitter: Your ‘tweets’ belong to you [IDG]
Twitter has modified the terms of service that govern the proper user of the microblogging and social-networking site to state unequivocally that messages posted belong to their authors and not to the company.”Twitter is allowed to ‘use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute’ your tweets because that’s what we do. However, they are your tweets and they belong to you,” wrote Twitter co-founder Biz Stone in a blog post Thursday announcing the modifications. keeps it simple with new terms of service [AP]
Twitter keeps it simple, even when it comes to updating the legalese in its terms of service.As part of changes made Thursday, Twitter translated some of the jargon into plain language, to lessen the chances that its users might get the wrong idea about what was happening.

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