Twitter introduces ‘two-factor authentication’ to stop password hacking

Twitter is introducing “two-factor authentication” using mobile phone verification on the social network, after a number of high-profile cases in which passwords were stolen by hackers.The worst case occurred in April when the Associated Press’s feed was hacked by a group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army, which put out a false tweet claiming President Obama had been injured in a bomb attack – briefly causing a dip in US stock markets. Organisations including the Guardian, FT, and BBC have also been hacked by the group. see:Twitter beefs up security after hacking spree on media
Twitter Inc unveiled technology to boost security for its users, following a spate of attacks on accounts of prominent media outlets including the Associated Press, the Financial Times and The Onion.The micro blogging site, which transmits some 400 million messages a day, said on Wednesday that it had begun rolling out an optional “login verification” service to thwart hackers seeking to hijack accounts with stolen passwords.

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